May 7, 2014


The Effects that a Spinal Injury has on the Body

The human body is one set of intricate network that is connected to each and every part, large or small, to be able to function well. An injury, no matter how serious or insignificant has an effect felt throughout the body. One single injury can affect the functionality of the whole. That is how our body is designed.

The spinal cord, along with the brain acts as the centre of the intricate network called the nervous system. This is a very sensitive part of the body as small injuries in this part can have tremendous and lasting damage felt all over the body. Injury to the spine has the following effects to the body:

Spinal Shock

This is a temporary loss of all reflexes below the injury level. This is only temporary but it can last from a number of days to weeks. Following this, spasticity and difficulty can be felt below the spinal injury. There is no way for anyone to prevent this condition; it must also heal on its own.


After a spinal injury, it can be expected that the breathing muscles, which includes the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, will be very weak. This should be noted since coughing is the human body’s way of clearing up the lungs and preventing it from accumulating secretions and bacteria. If the muscles are weakened, then the body is prone to develop lung problems.

Low Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Heart rate and blood pressure are actually regulated by a particular area in the brain. The brain simply sends, through the spinal cord, signals and messages to blood vessels to constrict and increase the heart rate to keep a constant flow of blood throughout the body. If this is broken up because of an injury in the spinal cord, then the heart rate and blood pressure significantly lowers down

Altered Temperature Regulation

The way the body regulates external temperature is also governed by the brain through the spinal cord. Again, if the spine is injured, the person may no longer be able to properly regulate temperature. He may experience loss of ability to sweat below the injury level.

The entire nervous system does not only function in delivering oxygen through the blood throughout the body, but it is also responsible for keeping the body functioning as it should. It is therefore very important to keep these parts of the body as injury-free as possible.

September 15, 2014


The health of people with limited mobility is an extremely important consideration for those caring for them

People with mobility impairments, such as those who are forced to a wheelchair, move with the help of walkers or who are bedridden require a controlled diet.

Nutritional status indicates the degree of well-being.

A person who has difficulty moving should follow a balanced diet. The fact of not having the possibility in most cases to practice sport means that there exists a tendency of gaining weight. Consequently they prone to experiencing related health problems, such as hyperthyroidism, elevated triglycerides and hypertension.

Everyone has to balance their diet according to their age, sex, height and weight. Physical activity they do during the day must also be considered.

The diet must be complete, sufficient and balanced.

Nutritional status In principle, and apart from exceptional cases, a person who has difficulty moving should not eliminate any food from his diet. Bread, pasta, rice, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and of course plenty of water are all important, but that does not mean you have to eliminate the pleasures. Nobody forbids you from eating a good pizza with cheese, or to have breakfast with a great espresso.

The important thing is that unhealthy foods, such as french fries or sugary drinks, do not become a habit. They can be eaten, but only once in a while and not in large quantities. The same rule applies for desserts: a dessert once in a while to make us happy is fine, but not every day.

A good ice-cream, fruit and maybe a hand-made treat is great for a snack or in place of one of the main meals, but only once in a while.

Weight control is important, but the state of health must also be a priority for all people.

Remember that we are what we eat.

Physical inactivity often leads to eating out of boredom. Eating outside of meal times is a bad habit, because our stomachs gets used to working around the clock, and then continually take food. If you just can not avoid munching something between meals, be sure to snack on vegetables, such as carrots, olives and celery. Vegetables are good and healthy and do not contain large quantities of fat.

If you like fruit smoothies make sure you do not add sugar, but use stevia instead. Stevia is derived from the leaves of a plant, it has the great advantage of being as sweet as sugar while containing 0 calories.

Avoid eating sauces as far as possible. Do not eat mayonnaise and ketchup as they contain many calories. Also all fried foods are to be avoided as they have a very high percentage of fat and are difficult to digest.

In general, avoid consuming any canned and packaged foods because they are full of preservatives and coloring agents, which in the long run pose a risk to health. Where possible always eat fresh food.

Try to take regular meals at regular hours, dividing equally the calories between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In case you have difficulties controlling what you eat, you should consult a nutritionist, who will not only give you practical advice aimed at yourself, but also be able to motivate you to achieve your goals.

A good specialist will not just give you a diet to follow. They also understand the psychological difficulties that prevent a person from having a healthy diet and can help you to find the right balance.

September 9, 2014


Stay Safe by Keeping Healthy

Accidents occur without notice and when they do, people go through a lot of emotional and physical pain. Is one cases, claims and compensation can help during such trying moments. Claims cover all forms of accidents thus easing the burden of the affected person. All in all, people should learn how to live responsibly and avoid accidents. Here are useful tips on how to take care of your health.

General Health and Wellness

Your health and fitness depends entirely on the choices you make in life. In essence, bad habits increases chances of encountering accidents. For instance, driving under the influence of alcohol heightens chances of getting involved in a car accident. In general, it helps to adopt a healthy lifestyle because sedentary lifestyles also aggravate the occurrence of accidents. To maintain good health and wellness, people can use the following health tips.

Health Tips

To begin with, good health starts with a proper diet. The body requires nutrients to grow, develop, and function properly. An imbalance or deficiency of nutrients in the body may cause problems to body organs. That imbalance then affects the working of the systems in the body thereby hindering control and judgment. Eventually, such culminating problems lead to accidents seeing since the body can no longer prevent or manage accidents.

Apart from diet, the body requires constant movement so that all the parts can remain active at all times. A sedentary lifestyle causes the organs to malfunction, which means apart from the proper diet, people should combine it with regular exercises so that the body can maintain a balance and stay alert regardless of external factors. In addition to diet and exercises, good health also calls for regular medical examinations to determine the inner working of all organs and tissues.

Medical examinations help in identifying disorders early before they turn into complex health ailments. Actually, studies indicate that some treatments can cure and eliminate some conditions but only if people detect them in the initial stages of development. Essentially, going for comprehensive medical checkups twice or thrice in a year can make a difference between life and death.

Health Career Information

Individuals planning to pursue a career in health should know that the career involves endless research, studies, and dedication. Adopting a healthy lifestyle therefore calls for passion and good attitude towards the affected and the infected. Health as a career is subdivided into many branches meaning that prospective health practitioners and physicians should hence focus on an area of strength for them to perfect the art. Additionally, training in health starts early and while in high school, interested practitioners should take classes related to health.

Subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are important in building a firm foundation. These subjects prepare students for the advanced courses and practical training conducted in medical schools. Note that health practitioners must undergo practical training where they get a chance to practice what they learn in school.

Conclusive Remarks

The wellness and health of a person should come first because poor health hinders productivity of an individual. In that light, people should live responsibly by eating healthy foods, formulating a workout plan, and go for regular medical checkups. Sedentary lifestyles may seem fun at first but they are a time bomb waiting to explode. Good health requires people to take collective measures because an imbalance in the body predisposes an individual to accidents. If you do have an accident at work due to a factor beyond your control you may be able to claim for this. No win no fee arrangements can be helpful in these situation but the best cure is prevention so please be healthy and increase your chances of staying well.

August 10, 2014


5 Safety Tips To Help Avoid Spinal Injury In A Car Accident

A car crash is an unfortunate event, and no one ever expects it to happen to them. Since they are a leading cause of damage to the spinal cord, it helps to be prepared. Preparation and prevention might actually save you from a debilitating injury.

The following five tips can help you to avoid spinal injury in the event of a car crash.

1. Buckle up!

Seat belts can save lives, and should always be worn by drivers and passengers. Not every car is fitted with modern safety features, but all modern cars have one thing in common: they come with seat belts. It takes almost no time to use one, and they can help reduce impact on the spine during a collision. Police do not enforce them just to raise revenues; they do it because wearing a seat belt is a simple and effective way to reduce injury, including spinal damage, and even save lives.

2. Drive a safe car.

Try to drive the safest care that you can afford. Older vehicles, such as those that pre-date the 1980s, often lack these features, while even older cars are generally much less safe than newer ones. Air bags are common in relatively new cars, while other things likes anti-lock breaking systems, and collision protection, are desirable. The year, style, and size of a vehicle has a big impact on how likely the people inside are to sustain lasting injury during a crash. This is exactly the same calculation motor insurance companies do when they quote you for car insurance. They safer the car the lower the premium you will have to pay.

3. Sit properly and stay calm.

This might seem like an obvious way to avoid getting hurt, but you would be surprised how some people drive. Do not lean forward or against the dashboard, as the force of deploying air bags can do serious damage, not to mention how much hitting the dashboard will hurt, and injure. Remember that the car, seat, and seat belt are all designed to keep you in a safe position during a crash. It is best to remain calm and avoid flailing your body around.

4. Let emergency services do their job.

Even if the collision seemed minor, it is still a good idea to call emergency services, so they can check everyone for injury. What you do right after being injured might help you avoid long-term damage. Adrenaline is sure to be pumping through your body and you might seem uninjured immediately after a crash, but long-lasting injury might have been caused. If someone else is injured, you should not attempt to move them; do not even try to remove helmets or other gear. However, if they are not breathing, then immediate first aid, such as CPR, might be the best action.

5. Know the signs of spinal cord injury.

These are some key signs that someone might have spinal damage:

  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Inability to move limbs
  • Tingling or numbness spreading into the extremities
  • Severe headaches
  • Loss of consciousness or difficulty maintaining consciousness
  • Stiffness and pain around the neck
  • Unnatural or odd positioning of the head

Any other signs of shock might also mean that someone has suffered an injury to their spine. Regardless of the symptoms make sure you have the doctors treat you as soon as possible as you do not want this to become a permanent and chronic injury where you might find yourself looking for funeral insurance plans instead of car insurance plans.

August 10, 2014


See the Ability Not the Disability

'Disability' is a word used warily, if at all, these days. It's wrong, polluted somehow by dirty implications of imperfection and impossibility. If you suffer a chronic disease or disorder that somehow makes you function differently to the 'norm', you're 'differently-abled'. It's a nice sentiment, for all it makes me feel more like I should have the ability to turn invisible than that my spine needs a little bit more care and comfort than the average Joe's. But, for all the politically correct alteration to everyone's vocabulary, I'm left wondering how much of a difference it really makes.

Because you can get over what people call you. True, it's hard, hurtful and occasionally goes a lot deeper then 'just getting over it'. It's a good thing to try and make society grow wary of how it paints people. But sometimes, the real 'issue' is not the words of outsiders- it's the words in your own mind. The place where, when you start thinking 'disability', the PC cops don't jump out of the bushes to smack you upside the head.

Much as we promote the idea that society must see the ability and not the disability in people living with chronic problems, it can be hard enough making that distinction in your own mind. I don't just mean in the workplace- which usually isn't as geared to assist people as it should be. I know that even the simplest things can trigger it- your spinal arthritis makes the idea of getting under the sink to change your kitchen fittings, but an impossibility. And then, of course, the frustration and irritation of having to admit that. The pain [in the butt] of calling in a plumber for the simple task that Bob down the street can do in a few seconds.

It's tough, having to admit things like that. Especially in a society that sees 'failure' in the stupidest of things. But know something? You're not a 'failure' because you can't change a darn tap. You haven't even had your agency taken away. Because you're still a driving force in this. You wanted to know what the best kitchen faucet was- so you went online to sites like that one, read the reviews and the tips, and came to that conclusion. You organised its purchase and delivery, you organised the plumber to put it in. Know who else doesn't change their own taps? The 'rich' and the 'busy'- the 2 classes of people we're constantly told to admire. You don't 'fail' because a physical limitation stops you doing something.

It's hard, when life seems to be adding up to nothing but a chain of things that are denied to you. We all know that feeling. But do try and tame the words in your own head that tell you things no person on the streets would get away with saying. Yes, it sucks that the scheduled mediation you're now on just to get through a day without pain means you can't drink- so what? Why not get out there, take an RSA refresher course [responsible service of alcohol, if you didn't know] and make a radical career out of serving the flavoured rot instead? You'll notice if you click through on that link that there's nothing stopping someone who can't drink themselves from serving those who want to. Life's generally like that- you may not be able to do exactly what you want, or do it in exactly the way you want, but there's always ways and means- or plain better things to do.

I don't mean for you to turn into Polyanna or anything, but do try take a few seconds to look past the frustration at the host of options waiting for you to explore instead.

August 6, 2014


Staying Fit Through Illness and Injury

Spinal disorders can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. However, those who have spinal disorders are often told that the worse thing that they can do is to be sedentary in their life and have no activity whatsoever. Despite having a spinal injury, it is still important for a person to get the exercise that they need. Getting exercise is going to help keep the spine as healthy as possible, it can also aid in overall health so that the spinal disorder a person does suffer from is no the center point of their lives.

Those who have spinal disorders will find that through a regular workout routine, they can gain benefits such as:

  • Having a wide range of motion than if they were to simply sit around
  • Strengthening their spine to start feeling less of the effects of the disorder
  • Helps to ensure you have a wider range of mobility
  • Can decrease chances of becoming overweight, which can add to pain and other issues with spinal disorders
  • Can also help with flexibility which can help to prevent more injury occurring to the body in certain situations

These benefits can also go for anyone who may be living life with a health issue. Working out is doing more for your health than most people realize. The key is making yourself work out. For many people, they have no desire to go to a public gym. They may feel as though others are watching them while they workout, they may feel pressured to impress others who are around them, and for some the nearest public gym may be a long distance from where they live. However, this does not mean that a person should just give up working out. Instead, they should look at home gym equipment.

With the variety of home gym equipment that is on the market, a person can find something that is going to fit their every need. For example:

  • Most machines come in a wide variety of sizes which means you can find something that is going to fit within the space of your home that you have designated as your workout space
  • There are machines to fit in with every budget out there
  • Numerous machines can do more than one thing, thus they can benefit you in more than one way

With all the machines on the market, it can be a difficult decision as to which to choose. However, for those who are dealing with spinal injuries or other illnesses that make it hard to do average workout routines, then an elliptical machine may be the best option for them. Ellipticals offer several advantages to them:

  • These are great aerobic exercises that are going to get the blood plumping, which aids in weight loss, cardiovascular health and overall well being.
  • These are easier on the joints throughout the body since the elliptical offers a smooth motion, that cannot be found with other aerobic equipment such as a treadmill
  • These come in a variety of prices and sizes to fit your needs
  • These machines offer variable speeds and intensities, which means you can cater workouts to your needs and desires easily

Those who suffer with any type of illness need to ensure that they are listening to their doctors advice on how much they should be exercising and how hard they should be pushing themselves. For those who start fast and go hard at their exercise, they could do more damage than good to the body. Thus, it is vital to discuss your workout routine with a doctor who is familiar with your health issues.

Whether you have a spinal injury or other illness that is affecting your life, this does not mean that you should become immobile. In fact, the more mobile you become, the easier this injury is going to be and have less of an effect on your overall life.

August 4, 2014


Memory Foam and Spinal Injuries

The spinal cord is essential to many of the everyday functions that we take for granted. The spinal cord sends signals from the brain to all parts of our bodies, so an injury to it can disrupt a multitude of normal bodily functions. For those who have spinal cord injuries, there are specific ailments there are several ailments that must be watched for and avoided. These include deep vein thrombosis, bed sores and low blood pressure.

The introduction of memory foam to the public in the 1990s was a revelation to the community of people with spinal cord injuries. This product was originally developed by NASA to use in the space program, but it was never actually used. Memory foam is denser and heavier than other similar foams, which makes it more supportive and more comfortable than other materials. Mattresses, wheel chair cushions, and leg wedges made of memory foam are particularly effective at treating the ailments that go along with spinal cord injury.

While you sit on the wheelchair cushion or lay in the bed made of memory foam, the material will soften around you and contour to the curves of the body. This will cradle you as you sit or sleep, and the foam will return to its original shape when you get off of it.

Due to its chemical makeup, memory foam has the characteristic of being firm in cool temperatures and softer when it is warmer. This reaction to heat is what makes the foam mold to a warm body. This is why your hand will leave an impression when you press down on the mattress that will remain when you remove your hand. The cradling of the body by the foam gives it the unique ability to distribute the pressure from the weight of your body evenly across all of your bones and joints.

The first medical use of memory foam was to prevent bedsores in immobile patients, such as those with spinal injuries. The reduction in pressure on certain points of the body prevented sores and ulcers from forming. Today memory foam is also used in wheelchair cushions and pillows for those suffering from spinal injuries.

Leg wedges made of memory foam are essential for reducing the risk of blood clots in immobile legs. They can be used to elevate the legs and increase circulation. These leg elevation products will also help improve low blood pressure. Blood can pool in immobile legs, which causes blood pressure to drop when moving from a sitting to a prone position. The increased circulation that comes with the usage of memory foam leg wedges will also have positive effects on blood pressure.

The memory foam in beds and wheel chairs is so effective for those with spinal cord injuries that today a wide range of products are made out of this foam, even for those who are not injured. Tempur-pedic was the first commercial company to make the produce widely available in mattresses and sleeping pads, and many people claim these are the most comfortable beds they have ever slept on.

Memory foam mattresses are particularly good for those with bad backs. Even pet beds are beginning to incorporate this material. If you have an elderly dog, or one with injuries or arthritis, a pet bed can improve the quality of sleep and life for your pet.

August 1, 2014


Best Ways To Keep Healthy In 2014

Here we are half way through the year. New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than a distant memory for most of us. Gone with the wind. Year after year we promise ourselves that we are going to get fit, lose weight and just generally be more healthy. It is a noble goal. Something that is sure to help us lead longer and certainly healthier lives. It is very important. So how do you do it? Is it possible to hold yourself accountable? It is not all about the body. A great deal of it has to do with the mind as well. We will take a look at it all here.

First off, it’s not too late. Your resolutions are gone, but you do not need a New Year, or anything else for that matter, to decide to live a healthy life. A “Monday” or “Tuesday” will do just fine! There are many benefits to a healthy lifestyle besides a better body too. You will find yourself with more energy and motivation at work. A friend of mine has been working out consistently for a couple years now and I do not think it coincidence that her career recently took off! She earned a very good salary as a medical coder. (You can see them here if you don’t believe me). She was recently promoted to a hospital management position that almost doubles that! A healthy lifestyle can contribute to your overall happiness and if you go to a gym you might even meet that special someone!

Changing your mind seems a daunting task. But believe me, it does not have to be! If you approach the change by just taking many small steps, you are going to notice a HUGE difference down the road! Trying to do it all at once is why most people hit that metal overload stage and breakdown to their old habits. (Or even worse, take steps backwards!) YOu will minimally feel burnt out.

As an example, when most people start a diet…they immediately begin to deprive themselves of everything they are used to having! You do not give your body a chance to ease into the process. You are really shooting yourself in the foot and contributing to your failure before you even start! You get left feeling exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve..unmotivated and defeated. Take a small step to start and just substitute one part of your meal at a time. If you usually have soda to drink with dinner, try water. Leave the rest the same until you adjust to that.

Being able to manage stress is an important factor in this battle as well. Letting stress get the best of you is a quick way to fail. One of the best ways, in my opinion, to combat stress is to increase the amount of exercise that you get. For some this may be yoga or pilates. For me, it is hiking. There is nothing that calms my soul more than a bit of exercise combined with the great outdoors! I am a nature enthusiast to the fullest! I even put trail cameras all along the trail I hike so I can see who is there when I am not. There are some available that can send photos straight to your cell phone. It is all about finding what works best for you and relieving stress.

Surround yourself with people who are going to push you forward and not pull you backward. A change of your mindset and taking small steps will send you on your way to making the rest of 2014 your healthiest yet!

July 28, 2014


Protect your Back – What Sporting Gear to Wear When Exercising

The back is vital

When you’re exercising, securing your back is very important simply because a lot of things can go wrong when you exercise the wrong way and your back will pay for it. If you do bench presses wrong, your upper back and shoulder blades will pay for it. If you deadlift the wrong way, you lower lumbar will pay for it. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you don’t take care of your back when you exercise.

Fitness trainers and enthusiasts are more likely to advise you to use proper form as opposed to buying any of the equipment listed below, but posture can only do so much in the prevention of back injuries. you need something to complement your good posture and form, and these exercise gears are going to be helpful for just that.

But there are certain exercise gears that make use of to protect your back when you exercise.

1.)    Weightlifting belts are usually worn by Olympic powerlifters and bodybuilders. These are the huge vest-like belts that go around your lower abdomen with a solid pad that props up your lower lumbar and prevents it from arching. They come in different variations and the size of the pad usually differs on height.

2.)    Crossfit shoes are also very good for your back, but why? The soles of Crossfit shoes are hard and level, so your feet are planted firmly and on equal levels. This will help prevent you from bending over or struggling to maintain balance. It’s the equivalent of exercising barefooted. Like the weightlifting belts, exercise shoes are intended to help prevent your back from arching due to poor foot placement and stability.

3.)    For runners, running shoes are now designed with EVA foam or stability foam that will help relieve the pressure from your back and foot. Running can put too much pressure on the lower region, so a good pair of running shoes with stability foam can help relieve the pressure on your legs and lower lumbar.

4.)    Back braces and shoulder braces are quite similar yet different from weightlifting belts. These are braces that help provide support for your back during a workout, but most of the time, they are worn after so the recovery is better. It also helps you ease your back into recovery if you have a spinal or shoulder injury after a workout.

Are these worth it?

If you’re doing a lot of exercises that involve your back, getting one of these items is a solid investment. Some of them, like the weightlifting shoes and EVA-foam shoes, can be a bit pricey as they are also used in the healthcare industry and have therapeutic benefits so to speak. when you’re doing exercises and you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your back, I think it’s time for you to purchase these exercise gears to protect your back and prevent it from getting severely injured.

July 25, 2014


4 surprising causes of back pain: poor dieting, footwear, and more

Most people experience back pain at some point in their life. Surprising as it may sound, back pain is not always the result of an obvious event, such as a recent traumatic injury. The culprit may be something as small as your favorite footwear or food habits.
If you’re suffering from back pain and can’t put your finger on the reason, take a look at the following 5 surprising causes of back pain:

1) Poor footwear

If you spend long hours on your feet, your back pain is most likely attributed to poor footwear. Humans were not designed to spend long hours standing, and gravity will compress your joints the longer you stay in one position. Spend a decent amount of time standing on very dense surfaces, such as concrete floors, and the problem becomes intensified. Hard surfaces are a common occurrence in the construction industry, so if you fall into this category, make sure you’re wearing the best work boots you can find: this resource is a great place to start looking. Other dangerous options are cheap shoes, flat shoes, and worn down footwear.

2) Slumped shoulders

Poor posture is a huge problem in today’s society, as the incidence of desk-based jobs is high. Sitting in an unnatural position was not what man was created to do, especially for 8 (or more) hours per day. If you’re recovering from a recent injury, poor sitting posture is a great way to reverse all the hard work that you’ve done on the road to recovery. In contrast to this, great posture can ease or prevent back pain, so it pays to know how to sit properly. Imagine your back is connected to a vertical stake as you sit. Your head should be over your shoulders (not in front of them), your shoulders over your hips, and your hips over your ankles.

3) Poor diet

It’s well know that Poor dieting habits are the cause of many illnesses and diseases in the 21st century. Surprising as it may seem, poor eating choices are a huge contributor to back-related problems across the world. A diet that’s full of calories and unhealthy, fatty foods, will quickly lead to one becoming overweight, which goes hand in hand with painful joints. Fast foods and high-calorie foods should be avoided at all costs, especially for patients with spinal related problems. A diet full of Fresh fruits and vegetables is highly recommended, as the nutrients and enzymes found in fresh produce are highly beneficial to muscle repair. A great tip for increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is to reduce them into a great tasting juice – using a juicer or blender. Masticating juicers are ideal for nutrient-loaded juice recipes and you can read reviews of some of the best juicers available on this website.

4) Smoking

Smoking is well known for causing a whole range of health problems, so it can be surprising to discover that cigarettes are also a huge contributing factor to back pain. Here’s how: smoking deprives your oxygen levels by damaging cells all over your body, including those that control the movement of your back. Studies show that smokers are almost twice as likely to develop lower back pain, when compared with non-smokers. Another reason to give up the cancer stick.
By acting on the above points, you can reduce your chances of experiencing back pain, along with a whole range of other health issues in no time. Recovering from spinal injuries involves rehabilitation and rest, but with a few simple preventative actions, you will achieve your goals faster.

July 21, 2014


Liposuction Not Always About Vanity

Many people think of liposuction as being something that is a purely cosmetic procedure. However, there are other health related reasons that may make having liposuction a good choice as well. These types of health related liposuction range from the reduction of back pain to the removal of fatty tumors. Here are some of the reasons why a person might have liposuction for health reasons:

1. Breast Reduction. While some might glibly dismiss this, having overly large breasts can cause a number of health problems such as back and neck pain, skin irritation, and problems with posture. It can also create a difficulty in participating in sporting activities and an overall decline in the amount of physical activity. Getting an appropriate amount of exercise in a day is part of maintaining a healthy body weight and not getting enough can lead to obesity and the myriad of problems associated with carrying extra weight. If you consider all the risks, lipo breast reduction with an average price of $3,000 – $7,500 is a small price to pay!

2. Lower Back Pain. People who have had hernias or other injuries to their lower backs can find that in the absence of exercise for the area, that their lower back muscles are replaced with fatty deposits. These deposits can make it more difficult for the lower back muscles to rebuild to the pre-injury status. Having a weakened lower back can lead to poor posture and, more importantly, cause chronic lower back pain. Recent studies have found that in these types of cases, liposuction of the lumbosacral region can remove those fatty deposits and, when combined with appropriate exercise, allows for those muscles to develop anew.

3. Lipomas. A lipoma is a fatty growth that occurs right under the skin. They are a type of tumor but since they are benign, they are not cancerous. Not all lipomas require treatment, but when they become large enough to be bothersome, they can be easily removed through liposuction. They may be bothersome because they impede movement or just because they stick out but in some cases they can also be painful. If you have a history of skin cancer in your family that is an additional reason why their removal might be important.

4. Gastric Bypass. This is one case in which liposuction is performed to remove fat that will have cosmetic benefits but is done because of the health benefits as well. For people who experience morbid obesity and undergo surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve in order to reduce their caloric consumption, the addition of liposuction to the procedure is often recommended because it removes some of the problem causing fat from the body as it prepares to require fewer intakes.

In any one of these cases, it is possible to consider liposuction as part of a medically necessary health intervention. As a result of the differentiation these types of liposuction are more likely to have their costs covered by health insurance. Traditionally, this type of surgery has been considered purely cosmetic and the person undergoing the procedure had to bear the cost of liposuction entirely on his or her own. There is, however, a growing understanding of the health risks associated with these problems and the cost savings to the insurance companies when they utilize liposuction as part of a preventative regimen designed to keep chronic pain or obesity related problems to a minimum.

There is a lot more to making this determination than a self-diagnosis, however, and it is important to work closely with a health care provider you trust in order to determine if this type of intervention is appropriate for your individual circumstances.

July 14, 2014


Making Life Work for You

When you suffer from a chronic disease of any measure, it can be hard to find the motivation to do anything, let alone the simple things like taking care of your appearance. However, taking the time to care for yourself can have a range of effects on both your psyche and how you feel about yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's as simple as taking a little extra care of yourself in the morning or even just remembering to take a shower one day in three! It can be putting on a little bit of make-up to make yourself feel better about the face in the mirror, or splurging on some new clothes at the mall. You may even be contemplating more drastic procedures, like tummy tucks, liposuction and breast surgery. A little bit of self care, whatever that means for you, can work wonders for the body. Don’t let anyone tell you it's merely the realm of the facile.

Ironically, however, the early stages of research are beginning to suggest that procedures previously written off as facile cosmetic procedures may have their use in treatment schedules after all. Especially when it comes to backaches. Many people describe cosmetic procedures as "life altering" but it's beginning to look like that may be less hyperbole then you may have presumed.

Breast reduction is probably the first procedure you'll think of here. The obvious benefits that breast reductions have had on women suffering from debilitating back pain hardly need restating. You may not have been aware that such pain can even be traced as a root cause of disk degeneration in women "blessed" with oversized boobs for their frame. It's not really news. But did you know the over-sized, uncomfortable breasts can reduce your life expectancy due to the complications they cause?

Even liposuction is coming under analysis now. Scientists are looking into the links between removal of excess fat (responsible for the secretion of inflammatory enzymes) and a reduction the danger of heart disease, diabetes and more. Probably not the links you expected from a so-called vanity surgery, eh?

So breast jobs might increase your lifespan and liposuction can prevent heart disease? Good to know. Do bear in mind, however, that these are both serious surgical procedures and should not be taken lightly. If you're considering a cosmetic procedure, it's vital you liaise with your health care professional (especially if you have underlying complications like a spinal disorder) and do your homework well. After all, can you easily answer the questions 'how much are breast procedures' (click here for some guidance) and 'how much does liposuction cost' (again, try this resource)? If you can't, or if those links were your first exposure to the procedures and expenses involved, it's time to do some more research before you even consider it. Luckily, both those great online resources will start you off with the basic info and facts you need to make an informed decision about the road ahead, and make a valuable first port of call if you're interested.

Remember, self care – and sometimes, those that stretch to a little vanity – is not something to be frowned on just because you have a chronic condition. Take care of yourselves now.

July 7, 2014


Make Smart Home Decisions to Keep Pain at Bay

It probably won’t surprise you by now if I remind you that one of the number one triggers for both sciatica and other forms of back and hip pain is incorrect lifting technique. When you come to realise how much lifting you do on a daily basis, however, that statistic becomes more meaningful.

 You’ve probably been swearing it to anyone who will listen, but that means its official- housework really is the bane of your existence, particularly if you already suffer from some degree of spinal disorder. It’s amazing how simple household tasks can become menacing, looming beasts ready to trigger old pain and perhaps even cause some new.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely to go away, too, so it’s more important to find ways to mitigate the accidental damage you may be doing.

One specifically worthwhile pro tip is to keep your weight supported while standing for long periods of time. For example, when you're doing the dishes suggestions include leaning into the sink area supports and more. You can also keep one foot raised- even resting on a book- to reduce back strain.

But one particularly noteworthy tip is the use of the ‘fencers’ gait’ when vacuuming. Not only are vacuum cleaners surprisingly heavy, particularly when supporting them on a back that's already tender from an old injury or medical condition. The act of wrenching them around acts similarly to the kettle bells you see a gyms. If your medical professional has contra-indicated kettle bell training, it’s time to reconsider how you use you vacuum, too. Get used to a lunge-like posture, moving the weight forward and backwards between the balls of the feet rather than dragging on the lower back.

While you’re rethinking your vacuuming technique, you may want to take the time to rethink your vacuum too. Not only have modern vacuums taken many different shapes- any of which might be more appropriate for you than the one you’re currently using- there’s a host of speciality vacuums out there specifically designed to target problem areas. For example, how about finding the best vacuum for pet hair if your pooches routinely shed on the furniture? You won’t even need a labour intensive trip to the shop to try them out, as quality review sites like the one we linked above will help you sift through what’s available as well as provide valuable insight into each models pros and cons to help you pick the best model for your needs.

Old-fashioned wringer mops are another consistent source of repetitive strain injury which can be made a ton worse if you already have issues in that area. The advent of the modern steam mops makes cleaning and sanitising a ton easier than it used to be. If you’re suffering from lower back pain or any form of spinal disorder yet still struggling with a string mop, making an investment in the best steam mop you can buy may literally be a lifesaver. As with vacuums, a quality internet site will help you determine exactly what model will best fit into your life.

There’s no need to struggle on through the pain and discomfort of a spinal disorder. Making simple tweaks in your routine, be it in the way you stand or the equipment you use, can make a huge difference in your long term pain management.

June 28, 2014


Hursitism and Stress Causing Jaw Pain in Women: How to Get Past the Social Stigma of Diseases

I want to address a few issues regarding stress in women and hirsuteness (excessive unwanted hair growth), as believe it or not, these two issues are related. While it’s true that hirsuteness causes stress in women, it’s also true that stress causes hirsuteness because it activates the steroid hormone, cortisol, leading to Cushing’s Syndrome. This condition is a common factor in female hirsuteness. So, it’s a vicious circle of stress causing excessive hair growth, causing stress, causing more hair growth, leading to more stress. The only way to end the cycle is to end the stress and stop the production of the androgens that create the growth of male pattern hirsuteness in the first place.

Jaw pain in women

Jaw pain is another issue with women who have unwanted hair growth and it often originates from grinding the teeth during sleep, which is a strong indicator of unrelieved stress. This can lead to cracked or broken teeth, and consequently tooth decay or even loss. If your jaw aches when you wake up in the morning; this could mean that you are clenching your jaw during the night. Some people even dream that they are breaking their own teeth, and then they wake up with a sore jaw. This problem leads to so many unpleasant and unhealthy issues that it needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

The jaw pain itself can be helped by using a dental appliance that keeps the jaws from closing completely while sleeping. Mouth guards are plastic pieces designed by a dentist, to fit over the teeth to prevent jaw clenching. This helps not only jaw pain, but the resulting headaches such as chronic migraines as well. These plastic appliances can fit over the entire row of teeth or over a smaller area such as the two front teeth. Each mouth guard is molded to the tooth structure so that it fits that person’s mouth perfectly for comfort.

How to avoid jaw pain

Alleviating the stress that is causing the jaw clenching is the key to eliminating this aspect of the problem. Gentle massage is great for relaxing the facial and body muscles, draining the sinuses, Eustachian tubes and lymph nodes, and helping the body to relieve itself of its physical stresses and toxins. Stretching is also great for relieving stress and upside-down stretching can assist with back pain from compressed discs by allowing the vertebra to pull apart naturally through gravity. Anything that relieves pain also relieves stress, so make sure that all pain issues are dealt with. You should visit Jaw Pain Headquarters for more information about how to treat jaw pain in women.

Money issues also cause stress. Deal with unpaid bills quickly, keep expenditures beneath your income level and pay off all credit cards immediately to prevent panic when bills come due each month. Never buy anything that causes stress when it’s time to pay for it. Pay close attention to when your bills are due each month. Mark them on your calendar and save out that amount of money from your paycheck. If it’s difficult to remember everything, it helps to put bills on auto-pay, so the bill automatically gets paid at the same time each month. Having your employer direct deposit your pay can help you to make sure you always have enough money in the bank to cover all automatically paid bills. In this way you can prevent or at least reduce money-related stress issues.

Solutions to stopping excessive hair growth

If a woman already has unwanted hair on her face or body, there are many solutions to stopping the growth of this hair. The most popular being laser therapy as this permanently damages the hair follicle, causing the hair to die and fall out. This treatment is expensive and can cause skin discoloration, though the hair treatment is permanent. There is also electrolysis, which needs to be done more than once and can be quite painful, especially if done at home by a non-professional. This treatment can be done with topical skin numbing creams to assist with the pain. There are also creams that slow down hair growth but do not kill existing hairs. Oral contraceptives and anti-androgen drugs help reduce the male hormone levels in the body and reduce the growth of unwanted hair. Shaving, plucking and waxing are other more temporary solutions to this problem.